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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I'm a 55 yr old NICE lady who is also a MI Chrysler retiree, raised a daughter, & a 19yr old granddaughter this Aug. NOW, it's my time!!!!
    TODAY, we r buying a 2002 Dodge Ram P-U with a 36.5 ft. Cougar 5th Wheel . We r packing the dog, the birds & not much more to head South.
    Me & my grand D r so happy because we have "God", health, each other,& we're
                                   "Going RVing for LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!
    I've never posted anything/anywhere n my life. OK, so I do text. I don't know if that counts??? LOL
    So, here it goes!! and "HERE WE GO"  1st comment:
    This is a GREAT site to start with. Don't u think so too? U r here reading this lol Oh ya, I'd love to go to Costa Rica, or join up with some nice mature ladies to convoy down the road with. South Carolina is where I'm heading to.
    Well Ladies, I'm on my way shortly to get my BABIES. LOL I guess I'll comment or chat with u all soon.  Who knows, u might see me on  "YOUTUBE"
    GONE RVing : ) FOR  REAL!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Girls, I rent an amazing cabin in Costa Rica and I'm looking to share the rent with next Jan, Feb, or March. One or all months for only 200.00 a month. Let me know if your interested. 

  3. This is exactly what I want to do. I also have a beautiful home in Deland Florida that I can host many travelers coming in to Orlando area. I am interested in home sharing, exchange and open to other ideas. I not only want traveling companions, but I envisioned living with a group of retired or independent women in a shared home like my home could be. This is the next best step to paradise for me. Women pooling together can do so much more and have a higher standard of living. I will join.

  4. Wow, Great idea. Plan to travel back to Orkney Island, Kirkwall. Would like to travel with a friend. Trouble is, I'm a widow and spent my whole life, it seems, married. Now, not interested in marriage and want to travel. What to do? I do travel alone with two visits to Scotland. Not bad but would love to have someone with me. I would love to join.

  5. Great.. more chicks in groups. I am in the same age group, Are these the women who grew up not being able to go to the bathroom with out 2 others? Its a sign of weakness to me For once-. go out in the world by your self. with out all the talk and gabbing. This is nothing new, there is them and me always– be independent for once, Eve, Yours truly,, Lilith (fith to the 3rd)


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