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Consejos de seguridad del turismo brasileño para los viajeros y turistas con destino a Brasil , específicamente Río de Janeiro y Sao Paulo para el Carnaval , los Juegos Olímpicos de Río de Janierio . Brasil es un país increíble y en el país favorito de Wolters mundo para visitar, desde la increíble belleza natural , gente muy divertida y la historia increíble. Pero hay que ser seguro y te da algunos consejos básicos de seguridad y protección para visitar Brasil.
Derechos de autor Marcos Wolters 2014
Esto no fue filmada en Brasil.

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  1. I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. Your video has good tips, but made me feel really down. My father was on a tour in Paris and his friends from São Paulo, Brazil, were robbed (money, passport, etc).

  2. Its a really seedy country… it feels you cant trust anyone.. the Government is corrupt as hell, the further bush you go the worse it gets. The wages are low, there's extreme poverty, the people in general are beautiful and friendly but generally poor and as usual the rich are the top 1% and rudest pathetic try hard's you could ever meet. The country is beautiful, the beaches over rated as is the surf but they have incredible surfers. For a country with such natural resources and size you'd think it would be the richest in the world but as stated before the Government is corrupt and everyone rips you off with cost of housing, cars, food, rates, they just rip each other off…don't venture outside the safe areas, don't do drugs, don't show off your valuables, don't dress up, don't piss off the police, don't go down dark alleys, don't get lost, don't trust anyone unless your 100% sure of who they are and you just might come away loving the place… I did but I'm married to a Brazilian. Forget Sao Paulo and Rio unless you want to go and see someone get shot….

  3. Regarding the robbers, the most dangerous beaches of Brazil are in Rio. If you want to come to Brazil, I recommend you to go to beaches in São Paulo, such as Maresias or Ubatuba. They are also very beautiful and safer.

  4. jesus, you go to Rio and jugde all the country just because of one shitty city , why did you go just there in first place ? I live in Sao paulo coast, in front of Ilhabela, a lot of tourist come here too every year and trust me, nobody is gonna rob you because we simply don't need to, in Rio for sure your gonna be robbed because this city is a open shithole, it's like a bunch of beautiful beaches when the rich people from there usually lives around the coast but if you leave there and look around from the top of some hill I'm pretty sure all you're gonna see is a bunch of favelas, I'm from rio and I moved from there to Sao paulo coast to never go back anymore so my advice to you if you come back to Brazil some day is : never go to Rio, come to São Sebastião, Ilhabela, and I'm pretty sure you sir are gonna have a great time .

  5. Excellent. Good advice. Thank you. Besides you are a lovely person and. Enjoyed your video. Good on you. Australia. Melbourne. I have been in Rio. All the buildings have guards and police is everywhere. Dangerous. Be careful.


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