* Viajar en Costa Rica * 3 ocultas verdades sobre ( Costa Rica )

http : //www.DiscoveryBeachouse.com En este video de vacaciones Casa de Expertos , Evelyn Gallardo , comparte alguna información poco conocida sobre Manuel Antonio , Costa Rica, que hará las delicias que incluso antes de llegar aquí .

Evelyn Gallardo es un experto en alquiler de vacaciones con 12 años de experiencia en Costa Rica y el autor de la serie de libros de viajes , Lo Mejor de Manuel Antonio y Quepos , Costa Rica ( 2012 y 2013 ) – Según lo revelado por los lugareños

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Casas de alquiler en Costa Rica


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  1. Could I rent a home for about 3 months? I was thinking about the Tamarindo & Mara Vista area of Costa Rica. What would the rental rates be for only 3 months in that area? I was thinking from January through March.

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  3. the world can't be seen in absolutes, I wouldn't go around drinking water out of every place just to see if what she says is true, if there are private security guards everywhere its because the local police is not as good, she said it…more teachers than policemen…that doesn't sound reassuring, and for the happiest place on earth….c.mon people ….not even Walt believes that. If you go to a place, take the proper percussion, read up, dont go blindly expecting everything to be perfect unless you are going to a club Met……and before you comment something dumb……..YO SOY DE COSTA RICA pura vida? 

  4. I drank the water when I went to Colombia and I got sick at first but then after a while I got used to it ( I was living there on a permanent basis at the time so it was bound to happen) and could drink water like water for years lol. Us people in developed countries really have weak immune systems. Then again I always had a cast iron stomach.

  5. Well said. People see bars on a window and think crime! I see taking responsibility for one self, and less taxes. lol Actually no taxes on your first 80 grand of income. Would you put a few bars on your window if it meant no income tax for you? I always say, imagine what would happen in NYC if they had no cops? Yes, CR is a very nice place to live. lol

  6. Yeah right, and you can really drink the water in the USA which is safe : safe and full of the residue of all the anti-biotics, anti-depressants, pick me ups, put me downs, and crap that you lot swallow looking for a quick fix!
    Security in Costa Rica : that's because they're not GUN NUTS like you lot.
    And a grammar lesson love: it's Costa Rica as in Cost, not coAst as in Toast.

  7. I traveled to CR in February 2013 and drank the bottled water from the place the hotel put them out. But my wife and I did brush are teeth and rinsed with the room tap water. I would not do that in the DR or Mexico while there. And we didn't get sick in CR. Loved it there and felt save when off the hotel grounds walking around town.

  8. I took a couple of newlyweds to a round house on Manual Antonio beach about 1974
    and which at the time was owned by John Biesanz. It was their honeymoon adventure.
    on one of the most beautiful beaches of the entire world!

  9. Don’t drink the water? oh my, I've drunken tap water my whole life, no problem at all. It’s ridiculous to buy bottled water in CR, People are not happy to live here? But we all know that it’s a paradise, beaches, sun, peace, we all love Costa Rica, ask any Costa Rican about it. Insecurity and Crime as any other place in the world, but Costa Rica is really a great/save place to stay or to travel. Please put your things together and stop spreading such lies about this literally piece of heaven.


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