VanCatMeow Van Tour – Van life traveling Australia with a cat off grid living tiny house camper van

Hey everyone! Willow and I would love you to join us on a tour of our van which has now been our home since December 2014. In my upcoming videos I will be going into more detail about the design and construction, and also more footage of the little black adventure cat that makes life out here so much fun.

If you’d like to see where we have been on our adventure around Australia so far like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram:

Also, if you have any specific questions about the design please include them in the comments so I can address them in upcoming videos. Happy trails!

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  1. Did you train your cat or he/she just doesn't run off? If he stays in I wonder how he exercises, mine gets very restless just being indoors nevermind tiny space with no cat tree ,I went camping with mine and was successful with my male but the girls got into fight and didn't come back one night, I also kept them in the tent(bell tent) for a couple of weeks except for walks on the leads before I dare let them off as hear everywhere that cats get lost if your constantly moving..I guess the van will have his scent though…

  2. I'm not surprised about the crap suspension. I have heard of a volvo 4X4 that couldn't drive properly off road because it's traction control interfered so much that you got nowhere as soon as one wheel slipped (EVEN WHILE IN 4X4).

  3. Hey Rich. Col from the Tinga long weekend detecting meet. Neat van mate and great set up. By the looks of things Willow and you are having a ball. Looking forward to your vids as you go and hope your both well.


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