We have arrived! This is a short video showing us making out way to Malmo! Not much has been investigated yet but as we have just arrived expect more to come!

Is Trump right? Is Sweden facing more rape and crime? Stay tuned. New videos everyday.

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  1. So this Tim Pool supposedly neutral journalist was at NYC Occupy wall st. He is Ultra left, anarchist ,he is anti white ,anti worker.. I got into it with him while I was there camping out for the 6 weeks of it. I set up the the Workers/Laborors Table in the front of the park.

  2. I think its hard to grasp the everyday of living in Sweden. I've actually visited a refugee center there and it was just full of clearly grown men, claiming to be 17. I tried to keep an open mind about it, but when this one guy came up to me and said he hates sweden and everything in there is shit I didnt even know what to say to this individual. This was a school trip a couple of years ago.
    Also, its the constant atmosphere of being constantly belittled as dumb, idiot, not understanding, labeled by society in general (nordic countries are so small, if you get a bad rep you can swear everybody will know about it from south to north), constantly tried being put in a mold of what the new nordic country means. Or the identity, not everybody is british, not everybody is swedish. Hell I've lived abroad and didnt become the country I was living in. And the differences between us are what makes the world so great. If everybody is everything there's no point in being anything, because everybody being everything equals to nobody being nothing.
    I just dont know, if we dont have a right to just be without even hurting anybody, why is it that we just have to keep on giving. Its painful honestly. Lol.
    Anyway you should interview Mona Walters, Ingrid Carlqvist or Peter Springare. 🙂

  3. Just remember less ppl are out when its cold i feel ud get better coverage when it sunny outside but, thats my honest opinion especially if we're looking for a good time. Suns out ppl r out just saying >< if its raining or snowing thats gunna lower exposure to areas. I mean in Chicago ppl still walk around without being bothered lol one day wont show much unless u strike gold first day but, its about overall… ><

  4. as a citizen of Malmö I can tell you that got nothing to fear. Dont listen to these redneck swedes that tell you that you will get assaulted they are just racist 🙂 Btw if you need a place to stay just contact me 😀

  5. Wish you all the best. Looking forward to your findings.

    Last time I was in Rosengård (Malmö) I ran from a gang who were following me and my mate.
    We probably looked like easy targets. You know free cell phone..

  6. Waiting on the video… Over 24 hours now, and all you said you would do today was talk to the press and local politicians, they all probably said and asked the same things. Saw Aftonbladet and SVT was there, the most left media in Sweden. They have already printed your words: "this is paradise compared to Chicago" – Still, you had not even been out in the real world 🙂 Everyone in Sweden knows about what you are doing atm so there will not be any violence. Simple math.

  7. How is it going? Is looking forward to a nuanced and factual report 🙂

    Checkout the [ ] to understand why most Swedes think Trumps opinion and most right wing You-tuber comments are just crazy wrong. That is not saying we don't have problems and issues. We do. But not as described in most you tubes comments.

    On the other hand, the Swedish government has today produced a public rebuke of the fake news, and although I the facts looks correct, I do not always agree with the wording. Wording could have been giving both right and left harder smacks on the fingers for being wrong, but of course we don't want to upset Trump unnecessarily much. He is after all quite powerful now …
    [ ]

    This conforms with most 'left wing' opinions (and mine). If you want to find better right wing arguments that are factual, this is some based on that report:

    1) Some statements say that 'unlimited' immigration fear are valid in the short term perspective, and could give some legitimacy some right wing opinions, IF those could just be more moderate and factual when discussing. For example: "According to the most recent study, people from foreign backgrounds are 2.5 times more likely to be suspected of crimes than people born in Sweden to Swedish-born parents. In a later study, researchers at Stockholm University showed that the main difference in terms of criminal activity between immigrants and others in the population was due to differences in the socioeconomic conditions in which they grew up in Sweden."

    2) Major(?) increase in gun violence in Sweden? Well, NO, but increase, YES, only not 'much' unless agreeing that it should have decreased the same amount as nearly all other crimes has gone down, except for internet and telephone fraud that has increased significantly (and just stop the increased rape amount discussion, politicians are idiots to not understanding that those inflated numbers is an image disaster, even if only due to morons reading statistics as if it was a bible). The amount of drug related murders are thankfully still much less than USA at-least.
    * The global average murder rate stands at 6.2 per 100,000 population
    * East Asia, Southern Europe and Western Europe: around 1.3 per 100,000 population
    * Sweden: 0.7 per 100,000 population
    * Americas saw homicide levels five to eight times higher than Europe and Asia, i.e 6-10 per 100,000 population
    * Central America: 26 per 100,000 population
    [ ]

    3) Muslims will soon be in the majority in Sweden? NO, 1,5% today, and that number seems unlikely to spread as the trend is that education and social advancement 'cures' people from following strict religious dogma belief system; Not saying there isn't some spiritual God out there, just that it isn't one of the religious dogmatic ideologies of today :). But to compare that to 65% Christians in sweden is just wrong as we are VERY secular, and mostly only christian due to lazy and being born into a system that made ALL christian unless you actively left it. As may do. Statistics show that up to 85% of those are non-believers or agnostics at-least. This fact I think should be more unsettling for most people in the world…

    4) Sweden has issues with increase in frauds, YES, and legislation still based on an older society pre-dating internet. Often believed to targeting old people with (minor and idle) companies that unfortunately hasn't the same protection as working class has, this is unsolved issue in Sweden. Also the problem that collecting phones and similar stuff from stores while pretending to be someone else has become easier now as governmental post office was dismantled some years ago, and the store clerk has no training to avoid being tricked and see false id's.

    Just my 2 cents/Vincent

  8. Looking through the comments is just… I actually live in Malmö, and all the warnings, talk about "no go zones" and that people will jump you really baffles me. I'd never warn about those things if someone was visiting Malmö. I'd probably just tell you to bring a strong umbrella that doesn't buckle when it's windy and to eat falafel.

  9. who is that woman? you shouldn't edit your videos assuming we know who you are, know what your schedule is etc you should be constructing your videos like an article meant for just anyone to consume and follow along easily.

  10. It's been 24 hours since his last post so now it's :
    A. He has got a lot of information for better or for worse and is editing.
    B. Tim Pool has been attacked and is dead in the street or hospitalized.
    C. Has been detained by the Swedish government, or his camera equipment came under some "unfortunate circumstances".

    Any predictions?

  11. Tim, I am trusting in your professional honesty. Please, do some search on a " lady " by the name Barbara Specter. She is very close related to this issue. Now I will enjoy this video.

  12. Why doesn't he start off at Rinkeby that is where the 60 minutes crew got attacked and where the recent riots broken out because swede police arrested a drug dealer.

  13. In my obsession on finding out what is going on in Sweden I collected some links you might find interesting:

    Officers is tried and leave a message out of frustration on FB (feb 2017): (read his facebook post, link is in the artikel)

    Open letter from a Police Commissioner in Malmo where he asks his citizens for help to battle the current crime wave in Malmo (feb 2017):

    This dude has been making video's about it for some time now. Swedish resident who still has a brain:

    Special code was handled to identify migrant crimes so they didn't have to write down migrant (2016): (funny how this site also tried to debunk this story while at the same time having artikels conforming the troubles.

    Latest no-go zone in Sweden (jan 2017):

    Will live rape be the new thing?

    Crazy court rulings (dec 2016):

    A Norwegian news segment over the problems in Sweden (2016):

    And recently found this guy:

    I'm glad you're doing this and I hope the truth may come out. I hope that it's all a big hoax and fake news, but I'm afraid some shady shit is going on there at the cost of the female population.


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