Traveling , PORTOFINO ITALY 2015 / Andrea Bocelli song. ..4K Video

4K video PORTOFINO ITALY July 2015
Boat trip from Rapallo to Portofino Italy …
Most stunning seaside towns along the Mediterranean coast …

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  1. Your clips are one of the best on youtube in 4k, i can see a lot of work has gone into them. You deserve more subcribers! Please if i may ask can you make some in 4k HDR, really appreciate that, you tube has started allowing that now. Keep up the great work.

  2. My Portofino. My lost love, Roberto Chardavino! Torino, Italia. Spero che tu se felchissmo! Jennifer era tanto tempo fa! caromisso! Dove se Robie ? Anche Anche Paola.e Il papa & amici di te? ? Ti Volvo bene! Guardarme support Facebook. Sempre Jennifer…Stata Uniti ……


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