Traveling in Tuscany: The Best Wine Tasting & Wine Tours WINE TV

Wine Oh TV’s Monique Soltani is Traveling in Tuscany and shows us the Best Wine Tasting and Wine Tours in the Italian Wine Region.


This is the second video of a three part video series I’m producing which highlights my recent trip to Tuscany. In my first video, Traveling in Tuscany: Uncorking Chianti Classico, we learned what Chianti Classico IS. Now it’s time to introduce you to some of the amazing men and women behind the bottle. Traveling in Tuscany: Wine Tasting & Tours gets up close and personal with the kings and queens of wine country who roll out the ruby red wine carpet in our honor.

If the royal treatment wets your appetite, then meeting the Marquis of Tuscany should make you salivate. We get a taste of their intoxicating blends as we hold court at the new Marchesi Antinori Chianti Classico Cellar, go off-roading at Castello d’Albola and wine with Conte Sebastiano Capponi of Villa Calcinaia and Francesco Mazzei of Marchesi Mazzei.

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  1. Coughing CactusWhy do I feel pumped or virile after red wine ? Just spent a week in Italy and every time after I drank red wine my chest and arms and even down there feel pumped, Why is that ?Could it be something else I was ingesting? I was eating pasta, bruchetta and stake and every meal had red win. Thanks!


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