Traveling Coron, Philippines

Philippines Vlog: From El Nido, the only way to get to Coron is by boat, or backtrack to Puerto Princesa City and fly. We weren’t sure exactly how long the boat ride would be. We asked several people and received several different answers, basically it could be anywhere from 4 to 10 hours.

We didn’t want to backtrack so… onward it was and aboard we went. It was Sunday and the only boat going to Coron was the Jessabel… Old, beat to hell, and slower than a sloth watching tree sap fossilized into amber. The trip took 8 hours, quite possibly the longest 8 hours of our lives, we both vowed to never do that again. Better to fly from PPC, even if you’re already staying in El Nido.

What else you should know, there are no ATMs in El Nido. Which we thought “No, that can’t be… for such a popular tourist destination?!” Oh yes it’s true… and we didn’t find out until we were almost out of cash, we scraped together our last 3,040 Pesos. The boat trip from El Nido to Coron cost 1500 PHP per person, plus a 20 Peso terminal fee per person.

We arrived in Coron, checked into our room but no hot water, so we changed rooms (gotta have a hot shower after that boat trip) and then finally got some sleep.

The next day we shot this footage of our drive around the island. Funny thing is, we thought it was going to be a relaxing cruise around the island… Not exactly, this island is really big and the terrain was the most rugged we’ve experienced in PI. The camera does not capture the struggle lol. We were on this bike for 8 hours, half the time we had no rear brakes. 😉


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  1. Tell your husband …From the bottom of our heaets Thank for your Grandfather for liberating our islands. Without them we will never have the freedom to enjoy touring the whole country. My parents just past away that was their time. My uncle's are half American because they used to live close to American Airport in Panay island right of Palawan. I never got a chance to ask my Mom about the history cuz I moved to work in the US after graduation but yes we have some Caucasian blood we never knew. (:

  2. once you get back, I would love to hear the thought process behind how you decided where to go on this trip.  Part of what you filmed this trip reminded me a little of traveling to Makena.

  3. You guys really push the bar on your exploring!  So glad you made it back to the hotel and the well-deserved mushroom soup!  Another great video as always!!!  Enjoying the ride.


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