The secret to traveling to and from Alaska by RV

Filmmaker John Holod offers tips about traveling to and from Alaska with an RV, including a travel secret you may not know. Sponsored by

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  1. Thank you for the 411 on the ferry system. Driving to Alaska is the way to go. I'm checking into the ferry system for our next trip and appreciate the information. Have you by chance taken it over to Dutch Harbor? I'm looking into that, but haven't talked with anyone who has actually done it so far.

  2. We drove the Alaska Highway last summer but of all the fabulous scenery the best was the highway from Haines Jct Yukon to Haines Alaska. We got up early and drove at a slow relaxing pace with many stops for side trips. Take your time and enjoy it.
    From Haines we took the ferry to Skagway and then drove to Whitehorse. The White Pass is not as good as the Dalton pass but it is still a wonderful drive. If your driving to Alaska or back take a few days and make that loop and you will not regret it.


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