Overcoming The Fear of Traveling Alone

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When I first told people about the open-ended trip I was taking, the first question they asked was, “Who are you going with?”

While I’ll have some visitors along the way, the majority of the trip will be taken alone.

I’m very used to traveling with a group of friends or family and this was the first time I embarked without a companion to share the joys and challenges of travel.

Needless to say, I was bit frightened by the idea of traveling solo in hopes that I’d meet someone along the way that I could call a friend. I mean, it took 26 years to determine who my 5-10 really good friends are… how could I find a new one in the first week?!

As the video explains above, traveling solo is more like voluntarily taking a class with a very niche topic. Everybody is there to learn about the same experiences and destinations. Everybody must be open and willing to exit their own comfort zones in order to enjoy their travels.

This is especially significant when traveling solo. Within 10 minutes of waking up on my first day, I met three other solo travelers that I have now been traveling with for more than a week.

We all bonded quickly over the excitement to explore a new city and new country.

Here are 3 tips I’ve quickly learned about finding travel companions during solo travel!:

1) Stay in hostels or guesthouses with a common area.

This is by far the easiest way to put yourself into the mix. There is always a time to have your own room with some privacy, but hostels with dormitories and/or common areas will immediately introduce you to fellow travelers. The easiest way to strike up a quick conversation is, “Hello, my name is _____. Where are you from? Where have you traveled and where are you going next? What are your plans for the day?” Everybody’s background is often very interesting and you might find yourself a new travel buddy for the day.

2) Couchsurfing and/or Couchsurfing Meetups.

As mentioned in our previous videos, http://www.Couchsurfing.org is a great way to not only meet locals and authentically learn about your destination, but they also hold Couchsurfing meetups in many cities around the world. These are a great way to walk into a group of like-minded people that accept you right away and without question.

3) Take a tour or a class.

Even if you’re not the “touristy” type, taking a tour or a class will put you into a small group of people that want to learn about the same thing. I don’t recall a class or tour that I’ve ever taken in which I didn’t strike up a conversation with a stranger–whether I was with friends or not!

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  1. Hey there! First of all I wanna say how cool all your videos are. Second of all, I'm planning on going to thailand and vietnam by myself in summer for two months and its something I've wanted to do for ages now!….but I am freaking out a bit doing it cause its my first time to go travelling solo and I've always been one to stay in my comfort zone lol, that being said I am very open minded and excited to meet new people. Got any words of wisdom to give?

  2. Ive flirted with the idea of going( I want too, just trying to figure out if its for me), still am trying to decide if I should leave sometime soon this year. I have a few things holding me back though, and they will probably sound silly. A) Getting sick while travelling i.e on a bus,train,boat or somewhere undesirable. B)Vaccines, I have all my basic vaccines of hepatitis,deptheria etc but the recommended ones of rabies and japanese E are going to cost as much as a flight there, and have heard many people also say they are not needed. C) Am not a strong swimmer, I see lots of shit on boats and water. While I can swim, I do not feel comfortable with falling off a raft/dingy/boat in a river or ocean.D)Scooters/motorbikes, never rode one feel like asia isnt the place to learn E) Meeting people, I have this sense of discomfort that I am going to be unable to meet people to hang out with, I guess this is a little bit of social anxiety.

    Money is not a problem and have no commitments to being here(Laid-off) so no plan. I do also feel like I will regret not doing it while I had the opportunity, before I get another serious job. And I feel like as time ticks away I am missing this opportunity, thinking like its too late to do it or think of any myriad of excuses to not do it. I have narrowed it down to probably just being scared of the unknown(Never traveled before, I want to grow as a person though) Can you help me out here? I would really appreciate it as everyone I know has loved it, but I feel like i cant enjoy or get seriously excited about it without thinking up excuses.

  3. Thank you for this video! I'v always wanted to see the world outside of America but never felt extremely motivated to do so. This video gave me the push I needed to fulfill my dream. I had been looking staying at hostels during my travels but was reluctant because I feared I feel out of place. Your personal experience with meeting other travelers at your hostel made me feel much better about the whole situation. Thank you!

  4. i love meeting new people in different countries, honestly they become closer friends then ones i've known for years haha totally subscribing to your channel after this video aswell 😀


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