My First 8 Months of Traveling/Living in a Truck

Late in the winter of 2016 I wrote seven simple words in my journal. A sentence I could not ignore any longer. Seven words that got me out of my routine and building a camper out of broken skateboards and fallen cedar trees.

The words…

I want everyday to be different.

Ive lived on the road for so long I have no answer to the question where do you live. Ive stayed weeks in places I didn’t even know existed. tasted culture and made new friends in different nations. Peed in bottles, missed showers for days and layed sleepless sweating in deserts far away.

I wanted everyday to be different and now they are.

Big Sur
Southern California Coast
Angeles National Forest CA
Dunhuang China
Gobi Desert China
Beverly Hills CA
Stoney Point Rock Climbing
Seven Devils Riggins Idaho
The Snake River ID
The Zodiac Sailing Vessel
Puget Sound WA

Edwin’s Gear List

Panasonic Gh4 –
Sony RX100 III –
GoPro Hero 4 Black –

Panasonic 12-35 2.8 –
Panasonic 20mm 1.8 –
Panasonic 45-200 –
Rokinon 7.5mm 3.5 –

Rode VideoMic Pro –

Revo SR-1500 –
Glidecam HD 4000 –
Magnus VT-4000 –

Music Stillblu – Fly
^These guys are the coolest check them out!

I decided to start doing a vlog everyday. Inspired by channels like Fun For Louis, Casey Neistat, and Adam LZ.

You are about to see alot more content from the No Anchor crew.
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I get alot of crazy ideas and tend to actually do them. This time I wanted to make the back of my truck look like the inside of a sailboat.

My First 8 Months of Traveling/Living in a Truck

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  1. Well done bud , I'm in the middle of short trips , n I've learnt you really do not need much , my plan ,
    Cruise till the rubber falls off , , fishing rod , gold detector, n a riffle , , that's food money n more food

  2. This is awesome man! I'm a high school film student, and I want to get into freelance filming and living on location and traveling and whatnot. Where'd you learn the ins and outs of filmmaking? What camera do you use? Editing software? You are a precise embodiment of what I want to be when I graduate high school! Stay rad man

  3. Love the artistic way of the films. But what are the difficulties or boundaries that come with living that lifestyle? My bf and I know living the generic routine life is self limiting like you're a puppet in society so traveling and living minimalistacally while I serve people in need as an RN is what we want to do but not sure what kind of living situation it should be: the jeep, rv, or tiny house lol


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