I Saw Lake Okeechobee for the First Time in my Life | Traveling Robert

We drive from Miami to Orlando, stopping at the Mayaca Locks to get stunning views of Lake Okeechobee. We also pass by Henscratch Farms for some local wines, and eventually make it to our campground, the Orlando Thousand Trails.

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We are Traveling in Florida and the rest of the USA aboard a Winnebago Micro Minnie 1706FB travel trailer. You are more than welcome to tag along by subscribing to this channel.

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  1. I remember the time a friend of mine and myself saw Lake Okeechobee on the map and thought it would be a nice scenic drive around the eastern side of the lake down to south Florida. What we found out once we got there was the levee goes completely around it and we could not see the lake at all. It was a time before the internet so we did not have quite have enough information

  2. I was about to say. Why isn’t there a bridge over Lake Okeechobee? I guess there aren’t very many big cities around it though. You’d think it would be a good place for a bridge though. So people crossing the state don’t have to drive further out of the way.

  3. Hey Robert this is many memories here for me…(4:344:37) is a fishing spot i go to (see the little path of boat launch beside the black garbage can). Then also the opposite side (4:414:43) I get many catfish down that way too. At (4:49) i catch speckled perch 'crappie' past those wooden posts seen on left side during the season Nov-Feb. At (5:42) you pass a good RV Park with live music stage. At (5:52) you pass RV Park of YouTube family for fishing and hunting alligators. (6:01) you edit exactly when you pass one of my family RV parks. At 6:046:05 you see my other friends RV park on right side name is Herschel owner, then between 6:05 and 6:06 you miss my Motel and RV park left side Rim canal in my back yard. Also good to know is between (6:09 and 6:10) you edit a very good local restaurant "Moms Kitchen" very good little mom-and-pop with home style country cooking meatloaf, pork chops, spaghetti, green peas, lima beans, etc… (6:10) my friends Motel name is 'Jay' he is owner. (6:40) you edit my family Ranch at Lazy7 with airpark in back yard name is 'sunset strip at Lazy7 Ranch'. (6:41) On right side after the Kissimmee River bridge is boat ramp i use for airboat to go frog gigging. (8:50) Avon Park is where we had training with military immediately before Desert Shield / Desert Storm. Thanks for the memories 😀

  4. Great video! Music track scared me for 1second at 12:30…lol…foreboding….Balloon sequence was beautiful. I've always envied folks who live in South Florida but never thought about the travelling limitations of a peninsula. I get saturated with news and opinion on my other YouTube channels, Road Nomad gives me a chance to exhale…thanks 🙂

  5. Robert!  I really like the drone footage, and GoPro on top of the trailer footage.  The drone footage of the Keys was incredible, and that drone really adds to the viewing enjoyment.  You really provide top quality travel footage that surpasses what is shown on TV!  I also really like your music.  Your songs are really great!  I liked the piano solo thats starts around 4:45.  I've watched all your uploads, and really enjoy your style.  Thanks!

  6. Hi Robert, Awesome Vid as usual. I'm also looking at get a gopro to do my own vids some time during the summer… Wish I could take a few lesson from you. 
    One question.. The places you stop at that you got free with your purchase, it seems as though you don't really care for them or is that just way it appears?

  7. Hi Robert, i'm always blown away by the professionalism of your videos, coupled with the fact you always tell a good story.Cool RV song at the end too. I'm going to watch more of your earlier videos, whilst i wait for part 2


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