How I Make Money While Traveling: Save Money & Find a Paid Passion

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Question from @Rollinajay on instagram: How do you make money for food and what not on the road?

This video details:
1. How I saved money for extended travel
2. How I make money online
3. A tip to help find a passion that pays off

Thanks to @RollinAJay for submitting this question.

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  1. When I was 15, I had my first job as a janitor for a low-key environmental surveying outfit. After I got done with all my other duties I'd get to detailing the big diesel trucks they used.

    I've always been fascinated by machines. Especially machines that could take you to places far away. I always imagined a day when I would construct the most perfect nomadic vehicle to suit me.

    Today I have a hobby doing small engine repair. Since I have little money, all the engines and materials I use are donated or scavenged. It's as easy as scouring the facebook group ads or local paper for garage sale listings. Sometimes, I just get lucky curbside shopping. That's where you drive around a neighborhood to see what people have left out in the curb and therefore is implied that it is free to anyone who would simply pick it up.

    Not only small engine stuff but electronics. Switches, servos, fans, wires, motors, resistors transistors and capacitors.

    Lately, I just take junk and engineer something useful or something whimsical. Everything from nothing.

    I think that's how I'd make money. Find junk to make myself a go kart or scooter. Use it to get around and look for parts to build other things I could sell. Or offer my skills to fix things and earn a meal or some money.

  2. im only 16 now but i started playing fingerstyle guitar at 15 & it is now my favorite thing to do, I would like to travel the world hitchhiking & playing my guitar right after I graduate & i don't care if I get kidnapped or starve while doing it because i'm not thrilled about getting a degree so i can get rich and buy shit i don't need

  3. dude, have fun and all that, but just understand that everyone u meet is basically one out of maybe 10 total types of people. thats right, you are meeting the same 10 people over and over again regardless of gender. all that traveling to keep meeting the same people. just sayin', when you get to mid 30s and your testosterone has started it's slow drop and you get some wrinkles going, it won't be as agreeable to the people you meet, this transient stuff. travel, but know the only "there" is inside your skull.

  4. At age 15 I was playing videogames, cheerleading, watching YouTube, and wishing I was somewhere else. I still do most of those things, two years later.
    I don't know if I agree with that quote. You're your truest self when you've found your niche in life.. I don't think it has anything to do with age. Well, I hope it doesn't.

  5. I want to travel. I want to explore and have an adventure around the globe, but im clueless on how im gonna support myself. Im gonna end up slaving away in college to get a good job that im gonna hate. I want to be free


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