How Expensive is Traveling in ROMANIA? It’s Cheap!

In this video I explore Cluj, Romania and show how much things cost.
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Thanks a lot for watching and safe journeys!

How Expensive is Traveling in ROMANIA? It’s Cheap!

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  1. Tips: stay away from gypsys like those fat women for example and be careful when you take the cab read the price for 1 km on the door and see on google maps( or what ever you use) how many km there are to that place because taxi drivers in Romania are assholes and will try to take advantage of you and ask you for more money than you owe them and if they become agresive or something call the cops or beat theire ass don t get intimidated

  2. Stop saying "omg I want to move to Romania, it's so cheap" or "At those prices I am considering moving to Romania". The minimum wage is 300-350 Euro's per month, which would be barely enough to live, considering that in Romania a very low amount of people earn over 1.000 Euros. Yea if you have 250k in your bank account go for it, you can sustain for the rest of your life with a low paid job for some bills. I'm Romanian and I went to live in Germany just because our country is economically broken, full of corruption. Let's be honest though, every country has ups and down's, depends fully on each individual how they can adapt, mainly having a well-paid job = better living and that's a common fact. IT industry had and still has a sky rock impact on salaries, just because of the short amount of well educated and qualified individuals in that area.


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