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We spend a weekend at the gateway to the Florida Keys, Homestead and Florida City. We visit the main landmarks and tourist attractions, historic downtown, the Alligator Farm, Robert is Here, Knaus Berry Farm (well not really), Schnebly Winery, Miami Brewing Company, Alabama Jack’s (we sort of), Gilbert’s Resort in Key Largo, and the most famous local tourist attraction, The Coral Castle.

We stayed at Southern Comfort RV Resort

We visited:
Schnebly Winery and Miami Brewing Company
Cauley Square
Alligator Farm
Robert Is Here
Knaus Berry Farm
Coral Castle
Alabama Jacks
Gilbert’s Resort

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  1. Heeey Robert….i really enjoy your video,s…you have know idea….brings back so much memory.s..of al my travelling i did in and around Florida…the past 20 years…its been almost 4 years ago since i was in florida….

  2. Robert, may I say your videos are now part of our family viewing at home in northern England. Just last night we sat down to eat on the sofa comfy and we watched your London trip and your Paris trip and one from Florida. We love your videos thank you for all your time taken to make your great exploration videos they are spectacular. Thank you.

  3. I feel like I am there travelling with you in all you videos…How is Homestead/Florida City?  That is where I will be staying for a week so I am between Miami and the Keys.  I want to try that airboat ride with my kids.

  4. How do you have a wedding at night if everything closes at 6:00 P?
    Why refer to animals as wildlife? : Whenever you see video of them they always seem quite docile until human disturb them? The "gators" probably think we"re the wild ones in our airboats, and dragging them around by the tail. I wonder if he had to hold his girlfriend's mouth shut, as well.

  5. Thank you so much for this video. We are relocating to Miami Fl and have chosen Homestead to be the home front. This was very helpful in seeing and touring some of the spots in Homestead. I enjoyed yor video!

  6. Good Idea I was n Sales for Years I would ask them. I always ask them if they would enjoy that kind of shower and wait for there response.
    Who ever speaks first Looses. Ha ha they might just do it. Also if other Manufacturers see your professional videos they may just give you a new rig to use every year or 2. You are after all the very best type of Advertising!

  7. Oh Maybe The Dealer can put a propane electric 12 or smaller size water heater so you will enjoy your shower. Or maybe Winnebago will pay for the upgrade. And ask for a upgraded trailer as well because you are doing videos and you will show off their new models! F Y I


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