Greece Travel: Romance While Traveling in Greece

My story of meeting a Greek woman while traveling in Greece.
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Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. Filmed using an Olympus SP-810UZ and/or a GoProHero Plus LCD.

Gabriel Morris is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990. He is author of “Following My Thumb”, a collection of 26 exciting and hilarious autobiographical travel stories from his worldly wanderings during the 1990s; and of several other books. Visit for lots more info about his travel writing, photography, videos, budget travel tips and much more.

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Greece Travel: Romance While Traveling in Greece

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  1. when you travelled with her, did she have a bike or did you leave the bike behind?

    Also, would the airline charges for the bike be higher than buying a mountain bike in Greece?

  2. Hey Gabriel, just started watching your vids tonight.. wow great job .. I laughed about your trip hiking near willow creek.. I live in Portland. grew up all over the northwest. been all over marble mts. Anyways your a stud for traveling so much and Its awesome you got youtube kicking in the cash. cheers brother I hope you meet a women soon ..

  3. dude i like your videos since they are very true in terms of perspective …not some luxury travel but what actually majority of people want.. the budget travels… your channel deserve more support

  4. It is nice to hear (and see) a little about your love life and to know you have meaningful and deep relationships while traveling for long lengths of time. Kinda sad that this type of life style dictates the length these can be. However, when the time is right, you will find yourself changing your thinking a little bit and staying longer in a place you had not planned on staying, and even still, perhaps staying indefinitely! We will all hope that whomever you choose to spend a great deal of time with will also enjoy traveling as much as you do 🙂

  5. Hi Gabriel! Happy New Year!

    As always, great video. I've also seen the two different videos you mentioned about Greece and Turkey already. They are awesome videos.

    It's also cool that you still keep in touch with Dianna after all these years. But Gabriel, what do you think are the chances of Dianna visiting you here in California someday? Has she even visited any places in the United States?


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