Florida RV Supershow 2017: Airstream | Traveling Robert

Airstream Travel Trailers at the Florida RV Supershow 2017 in Tampa
We saw the new Airstream Basecamp
Flying Cloud 25FB
Flying Cloud 27FB

Classic 30RB
Serenity 27FB
Classic 33

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  1. Ohio State Parks can handle 40' or larger at most sites. Our offer still stands to host you at Ohio's Indian Lake State Campground (warm weather of course – summer 2018?). Indian Lake happens to be less than an hour away from where Airstreams are made. Sure Airstream would love to give you a tour of their factory. While I am not a fan of Airstreams, I am proud that they are made in Ohio and last forever. Seen one sell at auction that was NOT taken care of and yet it sold for more than it sold for new.

  2. I didn't like his way of showing the Airstreams . Very negative and he didn't show detail topics ! Like the heated towel rack in the huge bathroom , he didn't show cabinet space too much ! He put the camera on the Television screen but he didn't show or explain the projector system ! …. His whole presentation was shit really .

  3. Robert I had the same feelings about Airsteams till I bought one. I have a 2017 and have also heard on videos about lack of quality and is simply not true. I am sure there have been issues but what camper does not have issues?

  4. The basecamp may be pricey, but for a person as myself with a WRANGLER and NOT willing to buy a 50 THOUSAND DOLLAR truck, this may be the way to go. These AIRSTREAMS are HEAVY because of how well they are made! The Bambi is bigger but then you are talking more weight, which means new TRUCK, which means MORE money. I live alone with my 2 small dogs, BASECAMP fits the bill.

  5. They are pure quality and worth every cent. I have had one for years. They are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Remember, you get what you pay for you buy junk with plywood floors you get junk. Quality rises to the top and Airstream has been at the top for years.

  6. Agreed. Very pricey ……But. They last. Based on a the travel trailers I've owned from a variety of manufactures, they are all built like shit. Shitty construction. Shitty workmanship. Airstream do not leak and don't fail due to moisture corrosion. And they are built with far far thicker cabinet pieces and framing. Massive differences. Take a 20yr old average travel trailer from jayco or Forrest River. Barely livable with moisture rot and thin laminate failing on all the walls. Not so with Airstream.

  7. What a waste of money you honestly have to be either a complete stupid person to buy this or you have some much money you just don't care. Anyone looking could buy a newly used 30plus foot driving rv for less then 75000

  8. Hi Robert, Good coverage of the whole show. I know a few people with Airstreams and they swear by them. I just can't get past the high price they demand with so little storage and you still need a truck to pull the thing. But to each their own..

  9. Four days at a rv show…you deserve a medal! It's great you put it on video. I like the smaller airstrems, but also those nice pleasure way vans, and you showed both. Thanks much–I'll be waiting for what you choose.


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