European Christmas – 5 Love & Hates of Traveling Europe at Christmas

Merry Christmas! Feliz Natal! Frohe Weihnachten! Bon Noel! Christmas travel is an amazing thing, and when you visit Europe during this festive time you can see some amazing things like great people, Christmas markets to enjoy with your family and so much more. 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about traveling in Europe during Christmas.
Filmed in Paris, France
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  1. If you're into classical music there are some wonderful free or cheap to not so cheap concerts in churches and concert halls with the speical kind of music. Try Handel's `Messiah` or Carol services

  2. Ca va, les "hates" sont dérisoires à côté des "loves" ;
    The "hates" are derisory compared to the "loves". Come on, we're in Europe, even though we tend to become slaves, we still live and so, around Christmas and New Year's Eve we maintain human contacts and not only commercial relations 😉

  3. love your videos about Europe and all this diffrent cultures and stuff. If u happen to be in Germany in the Christmas Season make sure to visit the Christmas market in Aachen my hometown ( Western Germany ) its my Favorit hahaha good travelin and happy life : D

  4. Hi. I am thinking of going to Stockholm during Christmas season. Do you know how many days are most places closed ? Like do they usually just close on the 25th or they actually closed for a several days. I'm just worried I'll be having trouble finding food to eat.

  5. I spent the holiday season in Prague this last year and it was absolutely wonderful. The Old World atmosphere and traditions of Christmas still flourish all over Europe while here in the the US the season has been reduced to gingerbread lattes and consumerism not to mention all the political nonsense like store clerks being forced to say "Happy Holidays" as opposed to "Merry Christmas". It definitely was a pleasant change to spend that time in Europe and soak up some good 'ol Christian tradition and culture.

  6. Great informative video review! I wonder if you can do a video review for Australia. The Love/Hate, 10 Things that Shocks us and the Love/Hate review in Christmas season here down under. Thank you for an insight on your European trips. Keep it coming 🙂

  7. I think its not a bad thing to close everything on 24. – 27. … those are days of piece and quiet. A lot of people in Czech are not Christians but we still trying to honor this time… and also… people want to spend those days with their families.. not to be at work. And just another little think to say… You are drinking only hot wine in Europe? There is plenty drinks to make you be happy and warm… In czech its Grog for example ( Czech rum with hot water and lemon) and meny others. Also i believe it would be nice to say not everyone have Santa. And people actually dont really like Santa in here. In Czech we have Little Baby Jesus… in Belgium, France and others its Father of Christmas.. In Russia its something like Grandpa of winter (have no idea how to translate Děda Mráz.. sorry to all Russians 🙂 ) …. Well.. I just think people should know this 🙂 Thanks for your videos. Totally agree with everything youre saying about Czech and THANK you for knowing Czech Rep is not Eastern Europe 😀 🙂 P.S. sorry for my English 🙂

  8. Please let me rectify one thing about closed or reduced hours in offices (administration, lawyers, estate agents, all sorts of general services & "normal" offices and customer services) : make it from the last week before the holidays start (as it's an excuse for slow work and offices parties) up to the first monday post-new year's eve.
    So for this year it's roughly monday 14 dec – monday 04 jan I'm afraid…… It's all about getting prepared and making sure works, paperworks & whatnots get done before mid-dec or like me making peace with the fact things will have to wait until 2016.
    I'm a Frenchman living in the UK and married to an Italian, I should know! 🙂
    Joyeux Noël cher ami, j'adore tes vlogs!

  9. Bad thing on christmas, the typicall christmas weather is 10-15 degrees and rain in Germany. But everyone of us wish snow on christmas. The last was in 2010. The winter in germany could be really cold, but not on christmas ^^
    (sorry for bad english)

  10. In some locations, mainly outside the centre of the great cities here in Portugal, Christmas Decorations remain until late January by mere laziness
    Some years ago, In my city there was some spots where Christmas lights were visible in February, they only took them out in Carnival. happily things improved recently at least around here at normally in early January they start taking out the illuminations.

  11. Hey Mark, love your video, super informative. i noticed your videos are getting better and better, it seems you upgrade your camera, do you mind sharing it including the mic that you use?

  12. hey, Mark. Speaking of trains…how far would you travel on the trains for a DAY TRIP? What is WORTH the time/travel? and what is out of the question? Being from the U.S., and not totally understanding geography over there… I'm not sure what would be considered reasonable travel. between countries? stay in only one? What might you think?

  13. In Germany, on christmas eve, everything closes at about 1 pm including most restaurants and many bars. You should inquire before then about where you can eat lunch and supper. If you are in a village you might end up having to buy something in the morning to eat in your hotel room that night because the one tavern/restaurant in the village is closed. Even in the cities you might end up eating christmas eve supper at Burger King. Also public transportation in the cities goes to a very limited schedule about that time. Some routes a bus comes by once every two hours. If you have connecting buses that are not synchronised, that could be a problem. Wait two hours for a bus, get off at the transfer point and you have just missed the connecting bus and you have to wait another two hours. And nowhere to go to the toilet. Usually in the boonies where you CANNOT find a taxi. Or, if you had the intelligence to learn the taxi dispatch telephone number you call a taxi and wait 2 1/2 hours because many of them are also taking the day off and the rest have more passengers than they can handle because so many other tourists did not know better and all want taxis home. It happened to me once in Berlin. If you are staying in, for instance, a downtown hotel in Munich, do not go to the far outskirts and wait until two pm to start your trek back to the hotel because you might need hours to do so.


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