3 Months of Traveling Around Europe by Train

Highlights from a three month backpacking trip by train through Europe. Countries visited include Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, UK (Gibraltar) and Denmark.

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  1. Awesome video! I randomly stumbled upon your channel because I just uploaded my own world travels video. It looks like you had tons of fun! Great work filming & editing! I just recently started making travel videos about a month ago while traveling Europe. I know all the hard work that goes into it! Your videos great! Have a good day! You just earned yourself a new subscriber!

  2. Hi there! Your vid is fantastic and thank you for sharing very helpful tips to travel in Europe. I am very impressed by the Paris scenes at 4:054:12 in your video. Would you mind sharing me the location you stood in order to capture those beautiful scenes of the Eiffel as well as the traffic in Paris? Also, do you have any recommendation for the good spots to take picture of the Eiffel?
    I'm saving up for a trip to Europe next year. I've been hooked up to many amazing vids, yours is one of them! All the best!

  3. awesome video! an experience of a lifetime no doubt. could i ask roughly how much you would of spent for the entirety of your trip, im planning something similar and fiding the budgeting difficult? a reply would be so much appreciated.

  4. OMG! U are so fucking awesome man I wish I could do this tour wid u lol, U popped up on youtube at the right time wen im planning this Thank God! Hope u can help me out. I got couple of Questions regarding ur tour? (TRAIN ONLY)  Starting from Paris,Brussels,Amsterdam,Berlin,Prague,Vienna,Budapest,Zagreb,Ljubljana,Milan, Geneva,Barcelona,Lisbon Back to Paris Via Madrid. Thats my route for this summer. What advice/suggestions can u giv me for this trip. Money,Rail Pass and I am canadian what bout visa Issues, Thanx mate for this such a nice video. SUBSCRIBED!!


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