11,000 Km, 11 months and 3€ a day traveling by bicycle in Europe

First leg of our World round trip by bicycle, it just took us 11 months while we zigzagged around Europe. We started our biketouring adventure from London, on a 3€ daily budget, and travel through England, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, FYROM and Greece until we put our wheels on Turkish land.

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  1. As an avid amateur photographer and biker of 47 yo., your bike travel and photos are fantastic. I love the bright vivid pictures. Beautiful job and beautiful journey. .

    God bless you two and continue on your safe travel.

  2. Someone knows how to use their camera (something often relegated to a secondary consideration on trips like this)!  Excellent photos that tell the story – your adventure deserves no less.  Slainte!!

  3. Awesome! We just started our cycling trip in Bangkok and are heading towards India (then to Europe through Pakistan and Iran after staying in India for a while probably!) Where are you guys now? Happy Travels :)

  4. How did you stay in Europe for 11 months without running into visa trouble when you left? I'm trying to do a similar thing, but it looks like i can only stay 90 days without getting an extension… did you get an extension? How do you do this?

  5. I will be doing something like this from portugal to amsterdam (through the coast), then to veneza, then around italy and back to portugal from the other side of france / spain.. over 11.000km, with little or no money, It will be a hell of an adventure

  6. food can you buy for three euro's? thats like $3.25 us. not much in the form of good food here for that. really i do want to now. im looking to do that here in the US. for $3.25 a day, i really dont see it. maybe ramen noodles, spam and string beans(less then half a pound). all that salt ooff'a! tell me how!

  7. Hi, just wondering about the seat you use on the bike. I noticed that it's a leather seat, I used a soft seat last summer when I did a trip from Ireland to Budapest and found it almost unbearable, do you recommend leather seats for long distance? I use a leather seat on a single speed bike but only use it for short city cycles, have never tried it for long distance.


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