10 things you need know for traveling to Alaska by RV

10 things you need know for traveling to Alaska by RV http://www.easygoingtravelers.com/

We are Brad and Cathy and have been Easy Going Travelers for almost 10 years. We are 5th wheeling folks and enjoy the ease of living in a 40-foot unit with all the stuff of a great journey. We are half-time travelers spending half time in SW Florida and half-time on the road. Originally from New Hampshire and Ohio, traveling is a joy and we are always looking for the road less traveled. If the road has a painted line, or even a little less, we can make it work. Some of our best times are the word of mouth experiences we have found along the way. Fellow travelers sharing their experiences is a highpoint and source of a big part of our travels. Traveling for us is freedom and finding off the grid experiences is what we are looking for. We are self-contained and have 7 to 10-day ability to be off the grid. It is such a charge to fall out the front door and be in nature with no one close by and head out hiking and appreciating all that is around us. Life is good and life is all that you make it. We have determined it is all up to us to make our life great. We always get great service and everything always works out for us. So this blog is about telling our story and having a great time. Travel more and enjoy your life is the strong message that we have decided to make this blog about.

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  1. I've veen thinking about this for 30 years! I worked with a Korean War Veteran in the gov't after high school and he told me he made the trip twice from Virginia in a Class C in the 1970s. I remember him telling anywhere was a stretch of 1200 miles of nothing going into Alaska through the NW territories and Yukon. Probably has improved some I should hope. Nice video!

  2. Thanks for the vedio it dose make more realistic perspective to travel not been there before my worry is a in counter with a polar bear.
    Looks to be a incredible trip.
    Was that a bear crossing the road in this vedio. Pardon my ignorance here the only bear l know is a child toy. Do they bite?.Selfish photo that make some photos.
    Would this be recommended for novice RV or experence traveler?


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